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Ezi-Out pet products cleaning formulation contains ingredients that are naturally occurring. In fact, there are only four ingredients in our products – natural stabilized enzymes, coconut and vegetable based surfactants, natural oil fragrances and dyes, and the safest ingredient of all – your water!

Ezi-out products are not tested on animals. And we make responsible raw material choices by selecting, whenever possible, effective ingredients that is renewable and biodegradable.

Enzyme products are known as “planet-safe” because of the biodegradable ingredients and processes used to create them. In fact, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint by using state-of-the-art, energy efficient equipment to manufacture our products, recycling more than 70% of waste generated, and conserving energy and water.

Ezi-Out Pet products use new Encapsulation technology to trap the odour and the bio film so that it can lift and eliminate the problem.




Enzyme ”products are safe around children, pets, plant life, and marine life. They truly are … “Planet-Safe!”

How do enzymes work?

Enzymes activate and energize “good” bacteria that consume bad bacteria and/or contaminants at the microbial level. They eat protein and organic matter by feeding and turning the contaminants into water, salts, and CO2 (carbon dioxide). Enzymes cut the bonds (tubes) that attach atoms together that make up molecules. If the tubes that attach the atoms are cut, the molecule will no longer exist in its initial state.


Whenever there is a concern with Bacteria residue from poultry, beef, fish or vegetables, chemical cleaners, especially disinfectants do not perform as advertised. All chemical claims are made from inside a controlled laboratory environment – not in the “real world” where it really counts.

Real world situations are significantly different than an incubator inside a laboratory where most validation tests are performed. Our environmental conditions can change in an instant – while the testing laboratory maintains controlled for weeks, which typically does not reflect the reality for day-to-day applications.

Enzyme products are 100% effective at biodegrading and emulsifying proteins. Examples of proteins that we need to be concerned about include mold, bacteria, viruses and insects. All these contaminants are made up of proteins. Enzymes do a superior job at breaking their components apart and biodegrading them into carbon and water (C and O2). It takes only minutes for this biological process to occur.

When used correctly for the appropriate application, enzyme family of products is just as effective in dealing with cleaning and sanitizing challenges from floods and natural disasters to standard day to day industrial and commercial cleaning activities.

Optimizing the capabilities of enzyme products for lighter cleaning demands would suggest a wait time of several minutes of product surface contact while a wait time of 5 to 10 minute for heavy and demanding cleaning would be best to allow the enzyme energy to zap and biodegrade nasty bacteria and surface contamination.

Sickness is often attributable to careless cleaning, food processing, field-crop harvesting conditions and many other careless short cuts that are intended to quicken the cleaning process.

We have all been brought up believing that chemical cleaners are necessary and complete. Historically, this was true however bacteria and viruses have developed immune resistance to common household cleaners (disinfectants & sanitizers). Read the CAUTION labels; chemical cleaners are harmful to our respiratory systems. Enzymes are food grade and do not harm surfaces or the people using it. It is not a food, but considered food grade meaning that it is safe to clean areas where foods are processed or positioned.

Simply spray, wait a few minutes and then rinse with a clean damp sponge or preferably a microfiber cleaning cloth, for a hygienically clean surface that is safe, healthy and the correct choice in today’s high bacteria environments!