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The Piggy Vac is an Australian designed machine which has withstood the test of time with continous improvements and modifictions since 1985, with the purpose of giving just what a cleaner needs in a vacuum cleaner, and the right price to match.


Being the most robust backpack vacuum cleaner available,

Its sturdy frame has a sturdy internal structure to match, which boasts an 1100 watt motor which is an ample amount of 

power for vacuuming.


Its ventilated ergonomic back support combined with waist harness removes the strain on your shoulders

that comes with prolonged periods of cleaning  or those who suffer from lower and upper back related strains and weaknesses.

Added Comfort and hygiene is given with ventilated flexible shoulder straps that are softened with removable lambswool sleeves.


Its easy lid clip system means you can rotate the hose for either a right handed or left handed user.

The simple lid design and spacious internal body means reaching into the machine to clean filters and dust bags

becomes less of an annoyance, and more of a producitivty gain.




MOTOR: 1,100 Watts, 240 volts
AIRFLOW: 45.6 l/sec @ 40mm orifice
WATERLIFT: 2,300mm @ closed orifice
FILTRATION: 4 stage with paper dust bag, cloth dust bag, micro and after filter. Optional HEPA filtration is available, please enquire.
POWER CABLE: 15 metres, 10 amp
AUX POWER: Power outlet for optional power carpet brush
WEIGHT: 4.4kg
Shipping Weight 7.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.320m
Shipping Height 0.590m
Shipping Length 0.320m
Shipping Cubic 0.060416000m3



Full 12 months on faulty workmanship and parts, excluding consumable items.

Please see our "What to do If" section in our user manuals as well as utilitising the following information.

If you feel that your backpack satisfies the fore mentioned information and a warranty claim is eligible please call our friendly

staff and we'll walk you through the simple process.



Our vacuum motors have a life expectancy of approximately 600 hours.

For commercial use we consider this benchmark example;

If you use a machine for approx 2 hours per day , 5 days a week , 52 weeks a year you would get approximatly 

1 – 1.5 years before the motor would need to be replaced (worn out).

NOTE: If a motor is going to fail because it is faulty , It will do so in the early stages of its life. The machine will not go for six months and then fail.


Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance

Motor Troubleshoot:

The key to a longer lasting vacuum cleaner and motor is keeping the airflow as clear as it was the day it came out of the box.

This will make sure the vacuum cleaner's motor will not continually over heat because it is working harder to force the air through a blocked machine.

When the machine reaches a temperature of 110 degrees celcius the thermal overload switch will be activated and your machine will switch off. It will then deactivate once the temperature drops to 80 degees celcius. 

The continual use of a vacuum in this manner will result in the motor wearing out at an expoential rate, and void warranty.


Continual user maintenance of the machine is imperitive to ensure the longevity of the vacuum cleaner.


The following is a check list;

What to look out for and how to increse the life of your vacuum!

-From the floor tool up the  stainless steel wands, to the vacuum hose which screws into the lid - Make sure all parts are clear, point towards a light source to confirm so.

-There may be blockage in the lid, unscrew the vacuum hose (anti-clockwise) and clear up inside the round screw hole.

-The reusable cloth dust bag collects fine dust (if no turbo filter or paper bag is in the machine). This fine dust creates a caking

effect on the inside of the bag which blocks all the tiny holes which lets the air pass out of the bag and out through the exhaust.

If you flick your finger on the outside of the bag you will see a small amount of dust spray, this is the caking effect. 

To fix this - With a spare cloth bag inside the vacuum, clean out the dirty bag, making sure to clean up underneath the rubber lip. This essentially gives you a brand new cloth bag to use when the spare cloth bag starts to cake itself.

- Turning the bag inside out and tapping vigoursly inside a bin with a plastic bag can also remedy a blocked cloth bag.

-NEVER clean the bags with water, this wll turn the bag hard and render it useless. Never place a wet cloth bag in the machine, this 

can carry moisture into the motor bay of the machine and destroy the integrity of the machine

-Do not vacuum water, this is a dry vacuum only, doing so will destroy the machine, and void warranty, Stay away from water. (If you accidently suck up a little water, turn off the machine straight away, check inside the body of the vacuum cleaner. If the cloth bag is damp or saturated your bag is useless. If it is dry you can continue to operate. Do not risk the integrity of your machine for a consumable.

(if you are in an enviroment where liquid can be vacuumed by accident, say a resturant, a turbo filter can act as a barrier before it 

reaches your machine.}  Make sure all pieces of the vacuum are dry before operating again.

Maintainece on the internal filter is advised, every couple of months for light use, and more regularly for heavy use (heavy use can be defined as, more than 45 minutes a day).  The internal cage can be opened by lifting the tab. Dust out the filter pad, and re-attaching the cage by placing it over the square and pressing down on the edge, until a clicking sound is made, and you can gently pull up on the cage to see it is locked in..


Extension Lead- Twisted or Cut:

If you find that the machine is turning off and on, due to the extension lead, you may have a damaged lead. This can be hazardous to the user if a wire is exposed. Simply turn off the machine, disconnect the extension lead from the black short plug, and throw out the lead. And seek a replacement here, or anywhere else.

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