Cleantech Vacuum Cleaners

world leader in the manufacturing of

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning Systems. 


Our Mission : "To provide a comfortable, durable and effective Backpack Vacuum Cleaner (BVC) than any other sold."


Shortly after its founding in 1981, Proclean quickly became one of Australias leading vacuum manufacturers. Its early growth was attributed to the fact that the commerical cleaning industry was just starting to take off, and the company began not only reaching across Australia, but exporting its products around the world.


In the 1990s, Cleantech was established as a new corporate identity focused on securing & strengthening its R&D, expanding its vacuum systems business into other cleaning fields. Cleantech worked along side different brands developing and producing systems such as quick release system for the Floor Polisher market.


The 2000s brought the development of the first four stage filtration BVC vacuuming system that was the "AERO". This pulled the industry into a new direction which historically only concentrated on removing dirt from the floor but now meant filtrating the air.


As we move into the age of battery systems we intend to utilise this technology to benefit a new generation.